What is Payroll Pie?

Payroll Pie is an online payroll software system for the Philippines designed to deliver simplified online payroll processing within minutes for all types of businesses, sizes and industries. It's so easy you don't even need to be an accountant to use it. Perform complex tasks like reporting and annualization in minutes using Payroll Pie!

Payroll Pie is designed to conform to the Philippine laws, tax codes and general practices. Payroll Pie also automatically generates reports for BIR, SSS, PAGIBIG and more, as well as properly formatted bank notices. Add unlimited number of employees, utilize super flexible timekeeping and payroll processing, and cut your payrolling time by 90% compared to manual payroll processing or spreadsheets.


Payroll Software System General Features

Payroll Software System General Features

  • Unlimited number of users, companies, departments
  • Unlimited number of adjustments - allowances, loans, etc
  • Employee access for payslip review, anywhere anytime
  • All Philippine reports are supported - BIR, SSS, Pagibig, etc
  • Categorize employees - rank and file, officer, accountant, etc
  • Limit access of employees based on their category
  • Daily, weekly, semi-monthly, monthly pay frequency
  • Supports full-time, part-time, salary, hourly, contractor payroll
  • Supports Consultant payroll (separately taxed)
  • Overtime, undertime, sick time, leave - all included features
  • Up-to-date mandatory contribution tables - SSS, Philhealth, PAGIBIG, etc
  • Up-to-date tax table computation
  • Can specify when to start using annual tax computation (instead of the usual last month or last pay day of the year)
  • Customizable - tailor this product to fit your company exactly
Gross Compensation

Gross Compensation

  • Unlimited number of bonuses and earnings
  • Unlimited number of pay adjustments
  • Commissions and piece rate computations
  • Special runs and 13th month computation
  • Retirement / final pay
  • Computation of tax, SSS, Philhealth, and hdmf can be turned on/off
  • User specified recurring income


  • Unlimited number of loan types
  • Unlimited number of deduction types
  • Maintains loan amortization and balances
  • User specified recurring deductions


  • User editable Philhealth contribtion
  • User editable SSS contribution
  • User editable withholding tax
  • Beginning year to date entries
  • Configurable Philhealth contribtion
  • Configurable SSS contribution
  • Configurable withholding tax
  • Beginning year to date entries
Diskette Submissions

Diskette Submissions

  • SSS salary loans diskette
  • SSS monthly remittance diskette
  • SSS net monthly contribution list (mcl)
  • SSS net pre-validation file (pvf) phic rf-1 diskette
  • hdmf premium remittance diskette
  • hdmf loan payment diskette
  • BIR alphalist diskette
  • bank specific formats of bank notices

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We're so confident you'll love our payroll service, we're giving it away FOR FREE for the first TWO MONTHS! No limitations or exclusions, just 100% payroll pie goodness. And don't worry, we've made the transition to your paid subscription a snap! No more complicated spreadsheets and painful Christmas-time annualization headaches, start your free trial today!

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Prices after 60-day Free Trial

  • P3000 ($67.00) / monthly for up to 20 employees
  • P150 ($3.40) / monthly per additional employee
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My time spent on the company's payroll has just been cut in half and I can access it from anywhere I have an internet connection.

Maria Castro,
FBM e-Services

Goodbye spreadsheets and creating formulas, hello Payroll pie and efficiency!

Jennifer Simmons,
523 Global Connect

As soon as signed up for free I was in Payroll Pie's system processing my office's payroll within minutes. I even completed the entire company payroll of 23 employees within minutes!

Jerome Dayao,
PSG Construction

Oh my gosh thank you payroll pie! Every year everyone else looked forward to Christmas time while I dreaded it! Annualization made my life miserable…until now! With payroll pie I too look forward to the holidays!

Cathy Evangelista,

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